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 Onsite Radiology
  • Generalists
  • Light sub-specialty expertise
  • Generalists
  • Sub-specialists onsite (IR, woman's imaging)
  • Preliminary reads afterhours, finalized next day (which may have inconsistent findings)
  • Final Reads 24/7/365
  • Reading overflow to ensure TAT
  • Sub-specialists available via teleradiology (MSK, neuro, pediatric, etc.)
 Service Standards
  • No formal customer service policy
  • TAT or backlog issues
  • Inconsistent scan protocols
  • Company-wide service standar (radiologists call in positive findings, etc.)
  • Contracted TAT commitment
  • Standardized scan protocols (radiation dosage exposure)
 Quality Assurance
  • No formal QA program
  • ACR RadPeer™ program
  • National QA Director
  • Limited access
  • Intelligent workflow routing
  • 3D post-processing  
  • Web based KPIs dashboard and online scheduling
 Practice Management
  • Inconsistent coverage or radiologist availability
  • Compensation arrangements within group reward seniority, not performance
  • Clarity of commitment to timely coverage
  • Incentives aligned with all constituents
  • Dedicated team available 24/7
 Financial Structure
  • Stipends or income guarantees; incentives might not be aligned
  • Structured to reward growth and align incentives with hospital
  • Openly competing with hospital (imaging centers, other hospitals in the city)
  • Imaging Advantage does not compete with its customers within a geographic radius


High Profile Medical Advisers: Some of the finest radiologists in the country will oversee your radiology program and interact with your referring physicians.
Fractional Staffing: Why pay the cost of a full FTE when you only require a partial FTE? Let us pay the difference.
Variable Compensation Models: We can enable your onsite doctors to read for our other sites and earn additional compensation.
Quality and Peer Review Programs: We provide an independent, third party review of professional services. We provide regular reports and take corrective measures as required to better serve your patients.
Financial Modeling: Our Harvard, Wharton and Columbia MBAs will create a sophisticated financial model for your practice, allowing you to make informed and timely decisions.
Work Flow Management: We design algorithms to optimize onsite vs. remote coverage and manage turnaround time, quality and patient flow.
Technology: We deliver state of the art technology to you, at a fraction of the cost. This includes decision support software, online solutions and new technologies that we are beta testing for our vendors.
Growth Strategies: We help you compete better and grow your market share.

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