Real-Time QA

RealTime QA


Imaging Advantage is committed to advancing patient care and optimizing radiology services healthcare by introducing our RealTime QA Program. Imaging Advantage is the first in the healthcare industry to create a program specifically designed to address issues and resolve discrepancies while the patient is still present in the hospital, clinic or imaging center.


How it Works

Using our double blind parallel reading and review process, targeted high-risk cases are selected and interpreted simultaneously by two radiologists. If the results differ materially, the interpreting physicians review and resolve discrepancies, and correct any reported results prior to the patient being discharged. Simply put, higher quality of patient care is provided if discrepancies are resolved prior to the patient leaving the facility.


Why it’s Important

Catching mistakes before they are made, our RealTime QA Program adds value to healthcare facilities by:

  • Reducing errors in high-risk exams lowering malpractice claim potential
  • Reducing the need for patient call-back or report addenda
  • Improving operational efficiency

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