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Recent News
Jul 16

Written by: Aqil Chishty
7/16/2012 3:11 PM

SANTA MONICA, California (July 16, 2012) - Imaging Advantage, LLC (IA) was awarded
a CMS Health Care Innovation grant as provided by the Patient Protection and Affordable
Care Act. The project it will fund is titled “The right exam, at the right time, read by the right
radiologist,” and is projected to save CMS $15 million over 3 years. Imaging Advantage, in
partnership with Vanguard Health Systems, was one of 26 organizations to win that day, out of
over three thousand applicants.

“We are very pleased to be in the same company as Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, the Mayo
Clinic, Emory University, University of Chicago, state and local governments, and many
other venerable institutions,” said Brian Hall, Senior Vice President of Operations and Chief
Technology Officer of Imaging Advantage. This award represents an opportunity for Imaging
Advantage to reach new levels of excellence and produce the highest quality patient care

The award's goal is to reduce costs and improve care to those enrolled in Medicare, Medicaid
and Children's Health Insurance Program, particularly those who have high health care needs.
This project will focus on the Chicago metropolitan area of Illinois, and will re-structure how a
patient is treated and how their information is handled from beginning to end, streamlining work-
flow operations. In this way Imaging Advantage will reduce costs and improve their standard of
care to the patients and their families.

In particular, the program will utilize IA’s proprietary RealTime QA®, a revolutionary disruptive
innovation, which occurs before patient treatment and applies double-blind interpretations to
particularly difficult exams. It allows more accurate decision making for critical care decisions
and ordering imaging exams. Most importantly, this program aims to reduce or eliminate
inappropriate advanced imaging utilization that would be redundant or clinically unnecessary. It
would reduce CT use by a projected 30% that would result in $7 million in savings for CMS and
significantly reduce radiation exposure for patients.

Imaging Advantage is the leading provider of evidence-based, end-to-end technology enhanced
radiology solutions to hospitals across the country. IA’s footprint includes major healthcare
systems such as Dignity Health, Hospital Corporation of America (HCA), Catholic Health
Partners, Legacy Health, and Vanguard Health Systems in Arizona, California, Illinois,
Michigan, Ohio, Oregon and Texas — many of which are located in major metropolitan areas
with large and diverse Medicare and Medicaid populations.

For more information about Imaging Advantage:
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